About Us

We are a non-denominational biblically based church

Our church is a non-denominational biblically based ministry. Our goal is to serve all people who are Christians and those who are not Christians, who want to hear the Word of God, or are otherwise in need. Many people need prayer, and we do not turn away anyone wanting prayer based on race, religion, or ethnicity. In fact, no one is turned away from out services. Christ considered all of us His children, and Church of Our Savior aligns itself with His teachings. At one point or another in all of our lives, we were estranged from God and through His mercy by His Son Jesus Christ, we received His forgiveness of sins by His grace. None of us did anything to deserve His grace. In fact, He loved us when we were yet sinners. Christ sacrificed himself at the cross so that we might receive salvation, finally free from the power of sin and death (to serparate us from God and His love). All we have had to do is to accept Him as our Savior.

Our Story

Church of Our Savior was named after Jesus Christ, and as such is a church devoted to his work here on this earth. As followers of Christ, we are his hands and feet. We spread His message of hope, redemption, and salvation. As it says in His Word, “we walk by faith, not by sight.” We do not espouse any other doctrine other than His Word.

Christ Jesus is the head of our church. Any people who work here, or who become members, are only people and are not meant to be worshipped in any way. They are not to be put up on a pedestal. God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit (The Trinity) are meant to be honored in this way only. No one should draw special attention to themselves, but everyone should acknowledge and point to Christ and The Trinity as worthy of praise and glory. We give them all the glory and honor. If it were not for Christ coming into the world and His sacrifice for us, we would still be sinners under the Law and separate from God. We acknowledge that He is more than worthy of all of our praise and thanksgiving! Amen.

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